On Redondo CAMPO BADAJOZ, cut with a knife

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(I.V.A Incluido)

Each slice of this ham presents a perfect balance between the soft, juicy texture and the intense flavor characteristic of the Iberian pig. Its intoxicating aroma and exquisite flavor make this product a true culinary jewel.

Sliced Iberian Ham is perfect to enjoy on any occasion. You can serve it as an appetizer, accompanied by crusty bread and a good wine, or as a star ingredient in your favorite dishes. Its versatility allows you to create wonderful gastronomic combinations and surprise your guests with its exquisite flavor.

Each slice has been cut with precision, allowing the beauty of its veining to be appreciated and guaranteeing a unique tasting experience. In addition, its sliced presentation facilitates its consumption and allows you to enjoy this delicious delicacy in a convenient and practical way.

Sliced Iberian Ham is the perfect gift for gourmet food lovers and an excellent choice to add a touch of distinction to your dishes. Discover the authentic essence of Iberian ham in every bite and let yourself be seduced by its incomparable flavor.

On Redondo CAMPO BADAJOZ, cut with a knife