Our history

At Campo Badajoz, we are proud to have more than three generations dedicated to the production of the highest quality Iberian products. Founded in the heart of the Extremadura region in southwest Spain, our company has witnessed the legacy and tradition of the Iberian pig over the years.

It all began in 1950, when our ancestors, lovers of gastronomy and passionate about authentic flavours, decided to settle in the fertile land of Extremadura. With a clear vision of preserving the Iberian breed and its exceptional quality, they embarked on the challenging but rewarding path of breeding and producing products derived from the Iberian pig.

Since then, we have built a reputation based on excellence and commitment to quality. At Campo Badajoz, we are proud to maintain the traditions and artisan techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Every step of the process, from the rearing of the pigs to the processing and curing of the products, is carried out with care and dedication.

Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of the Iberian pigs. Raised in pastures, large grazing areas and forests of holm and cork oaks, our pigs enjoy a life of freedom, feeding on acorns and wild herbs during the “montanera”. This natural and balanced diet, together with outdoor exercise, contributes to the infiltration of fat into the meat and gives our Iberian products their distinctive flavour and texture.

At Campo Badajoz, the elaboration of our products is a combination of tradition and modern technology. We maintain a balance between ancestral curing techniques and innovative practices that allow us to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Patience and time are key elements in the curing process, as they allow the flavours to develop and mature optimally.

Today, our Iberian products are recognised and appreciated both nationally and internationally. Our passion for authenticity and our constant search for excellence have led us to expand our reach and bring the flavours of Extremadura to the most demanding palates around the world.

At Campo Badajoz, we not only produce food, but we share a history, a passion and a deep connection with the land and tradition. Each mouthful of our products is a tribute to our history, to the hands that have worked with love and dedication to create them and to the gastronomic culture of our land.

We are excited to continue writing our history and share our passion for Iberian products with all those who appreciate quality and authentic flavour. Welcome to Campo Badajoz, where tradition and excellence are found in each product we make.