Aeceriber affirms that Spain will not be left without eating Iberian ham

In recent months, there has been speculation that Iberian ham production could be affected due to different factors, such as raw material shortages and weather conditions. However, Aeceriber has addressed these concerns to reassure Iberian ham lovers throughout the country.

According to the press release, Aeceriber has been working closely with producers and breeders of Iberian pigs to guarantee a constant supply of high quality Iberian ham. They have implemented measures to strengthen the supply chain and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Iberian ham industry in Spain.

“We want to convey a message of tranquility to all consumers of Iberian ham in Spain.There is no reason to worry about the lack of this highly prized product in our gastronomy,” said the Aeceriber spokesman. “Iberian pig breeders and ham producers are committed to guaranteeing a continuous supply and meeting the growing demand for this delicacy.”

Iberian ham is one of the pillars of Spanish gastronomy and its consumption both nationally and internationally has experienced a constant increase in recent years. Its unique flavor and exceptional quality make it a true culinary treasure.

Aeceriber also stressed the importance of supporting local producers and farmers, who play a fundamental role in preserving the tradition and quality of Iberian ham. They also urged consumers to find out about the different categories and quality labels of Iberian ham in order to make informed choices and fully enjoy this gastronomic delicacy.

In short, Aeceriber assures Iberian ham lovers that Spain will not be left without enjoying this delicacy. The association highlights the dedication and commitment of breeders and producers to maintain the supply of Iberian ham and meet growing consumer demand. The flavors and tradition of Iberian ham will continue to delight palates in Spain and beyond.