Paleta CAMPO BADAJOZ Deshuesada


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Boned with precision by our expert craftsmen, this shoulder offers the convenience of being able to enjoy it without complications, allowing you to taste each delicious slice without hindrance. Its boneless presentation also facilitates its cutting into portions and its use in a variety of dishes and recipes.

The Boneless Iberian Shoulder is a true delight for demanding palates. Its mild and balanced flavor, with sweet and salty touches, combines perfectly with its juicy and smooth texture. Every bite will transport you to the essence of tradition and gastronomic excellence.

This product is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the unique flavors of Iberian pork in a practical and easy to use presentation. You can include it in charcuterie boards, gourmet sandwiches, salads or use it as a star ingredient in your favorite dishes.

The Paleta Ibérica Deshuesada is synonymous with quality and authenticity. Each slice is a testimony to the dedication and care with which this product has been produced, respecting ancestral traditions and using artisanal methods that ensure its excellence.

Discover the excellence of the Paleta Ibérica Deshuesada and let yourself be seduced by its unparalleled flavor. Enjoy the authentic Iberian pork experience in every bite and surprise your guests with this unique and delicious delicacy.

Paleta CAMPO BADAJOZ Deshuesada