Is Iberian ham the same as pata negra ham?

When we talk about superior quality ham, two terms that often come up are “jamón ibérico” and “jamón de pata negra”. These names are used to describe two types of premium ham, but what are the real differences between them?

Iberian Ham, a Natural Source of Omega-3

Iberian ham is one of the most renowned and cherished products in Spanish gastronomy. It is not only known for its exceptional flavor and delicate texture but also for offering several health benefits.

The purity of the Iberian pig

The Iberian pig is a native breed of the Iberian Peninsula that stands out for its exceptional flavor and quality. However, within this breed, there are different degrees of purity that determine the quality and characteristics of Iberian ham and other derived products. These purity grades are based on the purity of the breed and […]

Curing of Iberian pork loin

Iberian pork loin is one of the most appreciated products in Spanish gastronomy. Its curing is an artisanal process that enhances its flavor and texture, making it an authentic culinary delight.

How to taste an Iberian ham

Iberian ham is a true gastronomic treasure that deserves to be appreciated and tasted properly in order to enjoy all its nuances and flavors. Here are some tips on how to taste an Iberian ham and make the most of this culinary experience